July 24 2020
We encourage you to bring your Social Bubble Bowling.

To provide a safe environment for Bowlers at Cariboo Bowl, our priorities are;

To ensure a completely disinfected building at the opening of each day.
To restrict all access to any that may be carriers of the virus during the day.

To provide a safe Covid free environment we are using the following solutions to achieve these goals.

1) The occupied area of the building is disinfected each evening through manual sanitizing of all touch points with alcohol solutions, and use of portable Ultraviolet (UVC) and Ozone generators during closed hours for disinfection before opening the next day.

2) Refuse entry to any that may show signs as carriers of the virus.
It remains the responsibility of the individual to stay away should they be exhibiting any symptoms of the virus.  Those entering will be asked of their health conditions and denied access should symptoms be present.

3) All are required on entrance to sanitize their hands. Hand sanitizing or washing is encouraged after use of bathroom facilities, common touch points and before leaving the building.

4) Upon entry, Bowlers will follow social distancing rules between different groups and follow direction of staff in counter areas to ensure distancing is maintained.

5) Air recirculating within the building is continually being disinfected through the use of Ultraviolet light  (UVC) units mounted within the furnace and A/C duct system.

6) Exhaust fans at the rear of the building are continually removing air from the front of the building towards the rear and then outdoors to create an ongoing fresh air supply exchange within the facility.

7) Lanes are rented leaving a vacant lane between each group. Maximum 6 persons per lane and 30 bowlers maximum in the facility. With reduced lanes in use, social distancing can be maintained between each group.

8) Ongoing disinfection with alcohol solution of all common touch points and bathrooms during open hours.

League Bowling now underway

League bowling is about to start. All precautions outlined by the Health Dept. are being followed . We have been operating through the month of August with Public Bowling and have adjusted our  operations to conform. To date, this has worked well. Our goal has been to begin each day with a sanitized and disinfected facility and then ensure the "bug"  does not enter during the day.  Rinse and Repeat.

Our added feature this year is  a new and upgraded  scorekeeping system, bringing our system into the 21st century. The new graphic animations are exceptional  and ease of use improved significantly. We encourage all to come down and try the new system out.
Sept. 9 2010